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HardiePlank Siding and HardiePlank ColorPlus Pre-Painted Siding

  For the ultimate in performance with HardieZone™ products, add ColorPlus® Technology from you’re the top and best James Hardie Portland, OR Preferred ColorPlus siding installer, and James Hardie (sometimes misspelled James Hardi ColorPlus) Portland, OR ColorPlus siding company, Lifetime Exteriors. This incredible proprietary process involves applying consistent, multiple coats of paint that was created especially for the demands climate places on a home’s exterior, especially great for here in the greater Portland, OR, Vancouver, WA siding issues we have all seen. The end result is a beautiful consistent finish that can last up to 2x’s longer.* A baked-on coating offers maximum durability and resistance to prolonged exposure to freezing climate and moisture contact. (Lifetime Exteriors is the largest James Hardie ColorPlus siding contractor for the Pacific Northwest, Portland, OR siding, Vancouver, WA siding, to Bellevue and Seattle Washington.)
  • Specially formulated paint stands up to UV levels in a way few field-applied paints can, offering up to 30% more fade resistance.**
  • ColorPlus® Technology finishes are warranted for 15 years.
  • The ColorPlus® Technology finish is warranted not to peel, crack, or chip for 15 years.
  • Over 41 quality checks are made throughout our proprietary manufacturing process to ensure the quality of the substrate, the texture and the finish. No other manufacturer can match our demanding quality standards.
  • Considering the alternatives? Compare the benefits of James Hardie Siding Products with ColorPlus®
  • Technology to field applied paint options, especially on larger buildings.
  • Most of the raw materials used to make James Hardie Siding are extracted and processed near each manufacturing facility.

The ColorPlus® Technology Process

James Hardie® siding with ColorPlus® Technology combines advanced fiber cement formulation with a factory-applied, baked-on finish. Our products are made using the highest quality raw materials and with our proprietary manufacturing process and equipment, revolutionary finish technology and innovative color process, we’re able to provide homeowners a superior siding solution for their homes.

Color Integrity

A critical part of James Hardie® ColorPlus® technology – includes color accuracy, color-matching James Hardie siding products, consistency of the paint application, fade resistance and finish longevity.

ColorPlus® Technology Color Palette

The James Hardie® siding ColorPlus® color palette was created by color pro, Leslie Harrington, who handpicked the custom colors and color combinations for each area of the country. Selections were based on regional housing styles, environmental surroundings and extensive research and development.

Find My Shade

Find your ColorPlus® Technology color. Take the interactive quiz to find the James Hardie® ColorPlus® technology color that best matches your personality! *James Hardie accelerated weathering tests compared with brush applied national paint in lab environments **James Hardie accelerated QUV test results compared to nationally available premium paint in lab environment. Lifetime Exteriors is a local Portland, OR siding contractor and Vancouver WA siding contractor that has the accredited status of being a James Hardie Preferred contractor. This award is given to less than 1% of ALL contractors in the entire United States of America. Any local Portland, OR siding company or Vancouver Wa siding company can offer James HardiePlank and James Hardie Color Plus. The problem is very few have any experience in installing it, which means more companies not accredited by another manufacturer incorrectly installing their siding material. Sound familiar? Lifetime Exteriors experienced team here in Portland, OR consists of engineers, architects, consultants, and building science experts all part of Lifetime Exteriors. Just so consumers are not misled by other contractors, there is no such thing as an “Authorized” or “Certified” HardiePlank installer or dealer. The only 2 accreditations, is the “Associate Contractor”, which is their lower tier, and the top elite status of Preferred, which Lifetime Exteriors certainly is. The James Hardie website will also help show owners who the qualified local Portland, OR siding contractors are. As a local James Hardie preferred Portland, OR siding contractor, Lifetime Exteriors understands the technology and the ever changing thermal integration of engineering, thermal elasticity, substrate assemblies, and proper alignment. Lifetime Exteriors works closer with James Hardie than any Portland siding contractor, in fact we just recently were specifically invited to, and just returned from, multiple conferences and meetings focused on the analytics and specifics of proper installation compliance among other aspects. Lifetime Exteriors is on a very short list of the best contractors in the country recognized by James Hardie. Lifetime Exteriors was privileged to have toured the factory this past year with our team, and be included in such an exclusive top-tier family. Lifetime Exteriors is a real company, with a real office, real people that answer the phone, and we specialize in Color Plus is pre-painted Hardie Plank siding, and have for years. Most companies today if they are not a Preferred Remodeler from James Hardie from your zip code, which is important as to the HZ10 climate control engineered material Lifetime Exteriors carefully selects. James HardiePlank warranty is 15 year paint/coatings warranty from James Hardie, and a complete 30 year warranty on material from James Hardie. Lifetime Exteriors is the premier Pacific Northwest siding contractor providing and installing HardiePlank® Siding here in the greater Portland metro and Seattle-Bellevue surrounding areas. With over a century of experience in creating innovative materials to protect homes from aging and the elements, James HardiePlank Siding products today are the result of research and development combining exacting standards with the finest raw materials. Over 5.5 million homes in the United States alone and thousands here in the greater Portland metro and Seattle-Bellevue surrounding areas now have this premium siding, a growing testament to the dedication into producing one of the world’s most beautiful and durable siding products. James HardiePlank Siding materials are mostly comprised of cement, sand, and water making it an earth friendly siding alternative to wood without the ongoing maintenance and upkeep. HardiePlank siding proprietary manufacturing technology ensures a uniformity of composition and superiority of structural characteristics you simply cannot achieve with wood, vinyl, and other siding products. HardiePlank premium fiber-cement siding also resists cracking, rotting, peeling, and deterioration. Here in the greater Portland metro and Seattle-Bellevue surrounding areas, Lifetime Exteriors offers many James HardiePlank HZ10 siding materials available pre-painted from their factory for a controlled environment application with the exclusive color-plus pre-painted technology coating system. James HardiePlank color-plus pre-painted siding has a rich palette of many beautiful colors to choose from. Lifetime Exteriors selects refined and aesthetic color options from HardiePlank color-plus pre-painted siding that will compliment any age or architectural style of home here in the greater Portland metro and Seattle-Bellevue surrounding areas. Lifetime Exteriors also provides HardiePlank siding available fully primed and sealed for protection against the elements and for unlimited color options before any painting is done if field painting is chosen. James HardiePlank siding and HardiePanel siding options are one of the most maintenance free exterior cladding materials in the building industry. Lifetime Exteriors has been installing HardiePlank siding for years here in the greater Portland metro and Seattle-Bellevue surrounding areas, and have seen first-hand HardiePlank siding holds paint in some cases up to 3-4 times better than wood. Lifetime Exteriors partners with HardiePlank and HardiePanel fiber cement siding in offering all of our many clients flexibility in architectural style, and can be combined and integrated with HardieShingles, HardieTrim, and HardieSoffit for a complete exterior siding system. Lifetime Exteriors provides exterior solutions that protects your home from damaging moisture especially critical here in the greater Portland metro and Seattle-Bellevue surrounding areas. Some of the advantages of HardiePlank are Class A fire rating, resists damage from wet humid climates, and resists damage from insects and impact. Lifetime Exteriors will gladly show you HardiePlank siding options with many different styles and profiles, from Smooth lap style, Stucco panels, Cedar lap profile, Shake or Shingle accents, T-1-11 style panels, Board and Batt, Colonial Rough Sawn, Southern Beaded, alternate reveal width, and HardieTrim just to name a few of the choices that are available. Lifetime Exteriors often recommends HardiePlank siding and accent trim on homes that have defective LP siding or defective stucco EIFS siding or DryVit stucco siding here in the greater Portland metro and Seattle-Bellevue surrounding areas. Lifetime Exteriors is an experienced and trusted siding contractor when it comes to stucco EIFS siding or DryVit stucco siding replacement, or replacing damaged LP and other faulty or defective composition siding materials. Lifetime Exteriors also specializes in providing and installing James HardiePlank Artisan® siding here in the greater Portland metro and Seattle-Bellevue surrounding areas, which is a thicker grade siding material, engineered for older historic homes with unique architectural aspects and has the appearance, shadow lines and texture to match old world clear grade cedar. James HardiePlank siding products are some of the finest exterior cladding materials in the world, however even the best material will fail if not properly installed to factory guidelines and specifications set forth from the manufacturer. Based in the greater Portland metro and Seattle-Bellevue surrounding areas, Lifetime Exteriors is an accredited construction defect siding repair specialist in proper restoration and remediation. Lifetime Exteriors takes the many different steps for corrective measures of poor or improper siding installations from builders or other contractors lacking qualifications of compliance for HardiePlank siding. As the leader in waterproofing and exterior envelope Portland, OR Lifetime Exteriors implements extensive proper waterproofing methods, integration of flashings, rain screen moisture management systems, and wall anchoring techniques are just a few of the critical elements and details taken to protect the buildings envelope with new HardiePlank siding for all of the Portland metro and Vancouver surrounding areas. Lifetime Exteriors nailing protocol and anchoring system for HardiePlank can warranty up to an incredible 220 wind load rating upon stud attachment. Lifetime Exteriors includes an industry leading lifetime workmanship warranty that even transfers upon resale of home on every HardiePlank siding project we do for complete peace of mind. James HardiePlank siding comes with a 30 year warranty only upon proper installation that transfers upon resale of the home. Preferred Remodeler and Preferred Contractor from James Hardie Portland, OR siding contractor award is a testament to our belief in quality and service. Here in the greater Portland metro and Vancouver surrounding areas, Lifetime Exteriors has assisted and helped many homeowners, community management groups, property management firms, HOA boards, and committees from holding seminars to remediation outline and execution of necessary repairs due to moisture intrusion and construction defects. Property management services are another division of Lifetime Exteriors. From siding removal and replacement, installing HardiePlank siding here in the greater Portland metro and Vancouver surrounding areas on residential homes, multi-family units such as townhomes, condominiums, apartment buildings, and commercial structures is our specialty. Lifetime Exteriors works with many different architectural waterproofing firms, as well as numerous attorneys specializing in building defects, construction defects, and proper building envelope protection. Due to the large building boom the Pacific Northwest and especially the Portland metro area has seen over the past 15 years, construction defect and water intrusion has become an increasingly large problem. Leaking windows and doors, siding installed without a moisture barrier, high moisture content in the walls, dry rot evident, flashing omitted in critical detail areas are just some of the common construction defects. Lifetime Exteriors has helped and assisted many owners who had improperly installed HardiePlank siding or construction defects from local communities like Vancouver, Camas, Washougal, Portland, Beaverton, Tigard, Sherwood, Tualatin, Newberg, Hillsboro, Aloha, Happy Valley, Clackamas, Milwaukie, Gladstone, Oregon City, Canby, Gresham, Troutdale, Boring, Sandy, West Linn, Lake Oswego, Wilsonville, Salem and many other local areas. Warranty claims, forensic investigation measures, inspections, and non-invasive or destructive testing on the exterior cladding and wall assembly are all aspects Lifetime Exteriors provides and can help assist with in the remediation of construction defect and building flaws. Lifetime Exteriors is the local and premier James HardiePlank siding contractor for the greater Portland metro and Seattle-Bellevue surrounding areas. Please contact Lifetime Exteriors for a free consultation and for more information on pre-primed HardiePlank siding or special order factory coated color-plus pre-painted HardiePlank siding options.

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